1983 (A Merman Jam)

by Kylmyys

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If I had gills, I’d descend into the big blue, away from the chaos of the city and the white noise of the black box. You might say I would miss many things on land, including the warmth of the sun or even the feeling of snowflakes on the tip of my tongue. You would try to convince me that there is no music underwater. However, to me, the whole ocean is one giant symphony orchestrated by the creatures that live there: dolphins, whales, sea otters, manatees and on and on, and on and on, down, down, down. And the visuals, oh my, the sight of the magnificent under-sea animals is like nothing on land as glowing fish and majestic mollusks float around me through beautiful green seaweed and algae. Sure I would see the sun occasionally as its light dances around, filtered by the turbulent waters above and I might even catch a melody blasted from a ship or abode on the shore. And I would surmise that those melodies sound even more beautiful as they pass through the whirlpool of seafoam to my ears submerged below. If I had gills, I’d live the rest of my days in the ocean, a merman I should turn to be, no longer chained to a desk or still in front of the black box, I would be free…BK


released September 4, 2016




Kylmyys Seattle, Washington

Kylmyys is comprised of two musicians, Jason Chamberlain and Brian Kidd, both possessing
broad musical backgrounds and palates. These innovative songsmiths have an affinity for
synthesized sounds and melodies and have an uncanny ability convey the often-unnoticed beauty
of the interaction between the blue planet and its denizens.
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